Meetings corporate virtual

July 26, 2020


n July 20, 2020, I promulgate the Ministerial Resolution MDPyEP N° 146.2020, which authorizes the commercial companies to celebrate and develop their meetings corporate (Assembly of Partners, General Meetings, board Meetings, and any other type of meeting that corresponds to matters specific to the company) of face-to-Face, Virtual, or Mixed.


This legislation provides that the meetings corporate may have the following characteristics:

  • Face-to-face: One in which all the attendees, members and non-members of the society, attend face-to-face to the physical place appointed for holding the meeting corporate.
  • Virtual: One in which all the attendees, members and non-members of the society, attend the virtual to the point of transmission or communication to the main, determined for the celebration of the meeting company, through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (icts)
  • Mixed: One in which a part of the attendees, the meeting is attended by company designated by the company in a virtual way and the other person.
Also, the Virtual Meetings or Mixed will have as a point of transmission or communication to the principal registered office of the commercial companies. Participation in meetings with corporate, in any of its forms, will be validated when the concurrent attend, physical or virtual. To conduct virtual meetings, or mixed media, the company shall ensure that the transfer and communication to be continuous and uninterrupted. In the same way, these meetings should allow attendees to participate and to express their will in a broad way, secure and continuous.


The proceedings, emerging from the meetings corporate virtual or mixed, may be subscribed in a manner handwritten or signed electronically, subject to the provisions of the Code of Commerce, articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, a document establishing or regulation, corporate specifies for each company. Also, the meeting corporate will be able to determine the form and manner of subscription of the Act.


With respect to meetings of board and Committees of public limited companies incorporated in Bolivia, may be held within or outside the country. When they are virtual or mixed, they can have the point of transmission or communication in different locations to address social, whether within or outside the country.


All general provisions, contained in the Code of Commerce, for commercial companies, in respect of the call, quorum, voting, participation and other relevant legislation (corresponding to the holding of meetings corporate) shall apply to the meetings face-to-Face, Virtual, or Mixed.